Clothes Rubber Stamp Process Characteristics

The characteristics of the rubber stamp process are that the internal structure of the rubber stamp is uniform and non-absorbent, and its aging degree is between that of the atomic stamp and the plastic stamp.
The plastic stamp refers to the plastic product made by dripping the liquid material into the mold, heating, baking and cooling for a period of time, and finally poured into the mold.
The elasticity and hardness of plastic seals are between those of rubber, atomic seals, horns and glass seals, and the texture is soft and elastic. It is prone to wear and tear, and it is also easy to be knocked off, that is, in the diachronic print it covers, the wear and bump characteristics are fully reflected. It can be seen that the lines of the text gradually become thicker, the edges and corners gradually become blunt, and the text can also be seen. Bump phenomena such as line depressions and defects.

rubber label

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