Die Opening Process Division Of Rubber Stamp

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According To The Die Opening Process, There Are Two Parts: Flat Rubber Stamp And Three-dimensional Rubber Stamp. Flat Rubber Stamp Refers To The Whole Rubber Stamp, Whether There Are Several Layers Of Patterns Or Words, All The Layers Are On A Horizontal Plane. Three-dimensional Rubber Stamp Is In Addition To The Bottom Surface, The Whole Figure According To Its Different Performance Parts, Presents Different Height And Size, The Whole Rubber Stamp Effect Is More Three-dimensional Vivid Image.

bag Customization Adopts The Glue Stamp Process To Make Logo. Generally, After The Finished Glue Stamp Is Completed, The Glue Brand Is Sewn And Fixed On The Surface Of The Bag By The Car Sewing Process, And Then The Whole Process Of Logo Printing Is Completed.

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The Internal Structure Of Rubber Seals Is Uniform, Does Not Absorb Water, And The Aging Degree Is Between Atomic Seals And Plastic Seals, But Compared With Plastic And Horn Seals, It Is Easy To Age, Resulting In Changes In Seal Dimensions. At The Same Time, Due To The Soft Texture And High Elasticity Of The Rubber, The Stamping Pressure And The Hardness Of The Gasket Have A Great Influence On Its Seal Shape And Outer Diameter, So Attention Should Be Paid To Distinguish The Irreversible Change Of The Seal Size Caused By The Aging Of Its Material And The Pressure And Softness Of The Gasket. Reversible Change Of Seal Shape And Outer Diameter.

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