How To Distinguish High-quality Silicone Stamps And Inferior Silicone Stamps

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The main differences between high-quality silicone stamps and inferior silicone stamps are as follows:

  1. High-quality silicone can pass ROHS certification and is environmentally friendly.
  2. High-quality silicone is soft in texture and feels good, while inferior silicone seals are rough.
  3. High-quality silicone products are softer, and inferior silicone seals are harder.
  4. High-quality silicone products are more flexible, and inferior silicone seals have no flexibility.
  5. High-quality silicone products are generally more transparent, and inferior silicone stamps will be solid color.
  6. High-quality silicone products will turn white after burning with fire, the burning smell is relatively small, and the product is in powder form.
    The inferior silicone seal will turn black after being burned with fire, and the smell will be unpleasant when burned.

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