The Process of PVC Rubber Label

PVC rubber label in the production process will go through a process, that is sandblasting. The reason why sandblasting is necessary is that it can make the surface of the rubber label present a glossy effect, which looks more shiny and comfortable. In addition, the purpose of sandblasting is to make the mold and glue can be better separated out.

After plating, the rubber label can form a layer of electric coating on the surface of the rubber label, which can ensure that the color of the rubber label will not stick to the mold and can be easily cleaned. Another advantage is that it can ensure that the color of the badge will not be strung together during the production process.

The plating in this production process is not the metal plating method that we usually come across, but this plating method uses a kind of plating, and the mold is put into the plating water and heated, and then boiled to complete the process. The reason why it is possible to coat the rubber label by boiling depends mainly on the material to be boiled.

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