Bag Custom Logo : Rubber Label

Customized bag logo should focus on the logo printing process, because the right printing process for the display of the frequency brand logo and the overall custom effect of the bags have an important role in the finishing touch.

Rubber stamp process is also one of the common logo printing process when customizing bags, its production process is mainly the use of drip molding process, dripping liquid material in the mold, after a period of heating, baking, cooling, and finally inverted mold made of plastic products.Using the rubber stamp process to make the logo, generally wait until the finished rubber stamp is completely done, and then use the sewing process to sew the rubber plate fixed in the surface of the school bag, and then complete the entire process of logo printing.

Rubber stamp logo has a strong sense of three-dimensional, not easy to deformation, color change, good toughness, corrosion resistance, slow aging, the effect is obvious and lasting, etc. Therefore, has been more popular with the custom side of a logo printing process.

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