Voltage TPU Label Features

1. Put the voltage label on the substrate and heat it with heat to iron it on the clothes, which is convenient and fast! The LOGO of the voltage TPU label has a three-dimensional sense, washable, high elasticity, beautiful and environmentally friendly. The surface has a very strong sense of concave and convex, highlighting the 3D stereo effect, and the surface lines are clear and bright.

2. The TPU voltage label can be matched with other products such as printing and electro-embroidery, and it looks more beautiful.

3. Use environmentally friendly TPU material, use high-density hot melt adhesive on the back to enhance the firmness of various fabrics, and use imported Japanese film for the surface shaping film to ensure product quality.

4. The logo with electroplating effect on the surface can be customized according to personal needs, which looks metallic and has a certain flexibility.

5. It looks more delicate and high-grade than the electric embroidery embroidery label, has a certain flexibility, and is not so hard.

6. The three-dimensional effect of heat transfer trademark is stronger than that of silicone label, and silicone products are not resistant to dirt and are easy to yellow. The price is cheaper than embroidered labels and silicone labels, and the price is higher.

7. Similar products on the market usually use inferior PVC materials, PVC is not cold-resistant, it is easy to burst when it is cold, the hot-melt adhesive bonding effect is not ideal, and it is easy to fall off when washed.

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