Label Encyclopedia Knowledge Of Silicone Rubber

Method Of Making Sewage-free Silicone Rubber Labels Using Silicone Rubber

Label Silicone Rubber Is A Method Of Using Silicone Rubber To Make Non-sewing Silicone Rubber Labels. In Detail, It Can Make It Easy To Make Labels, And Make All Kinds Of Patterns Expressed In Three-dimensional Form. When Sticking To Clothes, There Will Be No Hard Uncomfortable Feeling. Usually, There Are Trademarks, Patterns, Product Sizes, Washing Methods And Other Labels Sewn On Various Types Of Clothing. In The Past, Such Labels Were Made By Weaving. Labels Made In This Way Do Not Have A Three-dimensional Feeling, Because The Label Is Hard And Rough, So It Will Be Very Uncomfortable To Wear.

Method Of Making

Including The Step Of Forming A Label Drawing With A Mold; The Steps Of Mixing The Desired Pigment With Silicone Gum; The Step Of Injecting The Mixed Silicone Gum Onto The Label Drawing Of The Mold; The Surface Of The Mold Is Wiped Clean, The Mold Is Attached To The Label Original Satin, And The Label Pattern Is Formed By Heat And Pressure. Turn Over The Mold Attached To The Original Satin Of The Label, Attach The Adhesive Paper, And Press The Adhesive Paper On The Back Of The Original Satin Of The Label By The Pressure Device; The Step Of Separating The Original Label Satin From The Mold And Cutting The Formed Label.

Product Features

As A Result Of Replacing The Previous Method Of Weaving Labels With Thread, The Use Of Soft. It Is Easy To Make Labels Made Of Silicone Rubber, Which Is Very Adhesive To Clothing, And To Represent Various Patterns In Three Dimensions. Moreover, Because The Main Material Of The Label Is Soft Silicone Rubber, Silicone Rubber Itself Has Softness, So That Even The Label Attached To The Clothing Does Not Have Hard Uncomfortable Feeling. As The Label Is Pressed On The Clothing By Press And Hot Bonding Method Instead Of The Previous Sewing Method, The Label Pressing Time Can Be Greatly Shortened And The Production Of Clothing Can Be Improved.

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