The Application Of Pvc Label Printing

Pvc Chinese Name: 聚氯乙烯

Commodity Name: Pvc Plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic

Polyvinyl Chloride

Color: Yellowish Translucent, Glossy

Melting Point: Pvc Is Amorphous Polymer, There Is No Obvious Melting Point, and Heating To 120 ~ 150℃ Has Plasticity.

Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic

Physical And Chemical Properties Of Pvc Plastic:

Pvc Is A Polymer Material That Uses A Chlorine Atom To Replace A Hydrogen Atom In Polyethylene. Pvc Material Is A Kind Of Plastic Material, Which Is Made Of Polyvinyl Chloride Resin As The Main Raw Material, Adding Appropriate Amount Of Anti-aging Agent, Modifier, Etc., Through Mixing, Calendering, Vacuum Blister, And Other Processes. Pvc Transparency Is Better Than Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Poor In Polystyrene, With The Amount Of Additives Is Different, Divided Into Soft And Hard Polyvinyl Chloride, Soft Products Are Soft And Tough, Feel Sticky, Hardness Of Hard Products Is Higher Than Low-Density Polyethylene, And Lower Than Polypropylene, In The Fold Will Appear Bleaching Phenomenon. Common Products: Plate, Pipes, Soles, Toys, Doors And Windows, Wire Skin, Stationery, And So On.

Pvc rubber label

Pvc Products Have Chemical Stability And Strong Resistance To Oxidants, Reducing Agents, And Strong Acids. However, It Can Be Corroded By Concentrated Oxidizing Acids Such As Sulfuric Acid And Nitric Acid, And It Is Not Suitable For Contact With Aromatic Hydrocarbons And Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.

Pvc Products

Pvc Has The Advantages Of Flame Resistance, Wear Resistance, Noise Damping, High Strength, Good Electrical Insulation, Low Price And Wide Source Of Materials, Good Airtight Performance, And So On.

The Disadvantage Of Pvc Is That The Heat Stability Performance Is Poor, Easy To Aging By Light, Heat, and Oxygen. The Long-term Use Temperature Of Most Pvc Plastic Products Should Not Exceed 55℃, But The Long-term Use Temperature Of Special Formula Pvc Plastic Can Reach 90℃.

In Addition, Pvc Is Generally Considered Toxic. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Itself Is Non-toxic, If The Use Of Non-toxic Plasticizer, Stabilizer And Other Auxiliary Materials Made Of Products, Harmless To Humans And Animals. However, The Actual Small, In The Market Common Pvc Products Used In The Plasticizer, Stabilizer Most Are Toxic, So In Addition To The Non-toxic Formula Of The Products, Can Not Be Used To Dressy Food.

The Advantages Of Pvc Label Printing:

Pvc Has Non-flammability, High Strength, Resistance To Climate Change Excellent Geometric Stability, And Strong Resistance To Oxidants, Reducing Agents, And Strong Acids. In Addition, Because Of Its Good Flexibility, Shrinkage, Light Permeability, Good Processing And Labeling Performance, Strong Chemical Corrosion Resistance, Firm, And Durable, So Suitable For Long-term Outdoor Use.

However, Pvc Has Poor Thermal Stability And Light Resistance And Can Begin To Decompose And Release Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Gas Above 140℃, Which Is Not Conducive To Environmental Protection (in Actual Production, Alkaline Stabilizer And Hcl Are Often Added To Inhibit Its Catalytic Cracking Reaction). In Addition, plasticizers, Anti-aging agents, And Other Toxic Auxiliary Materials Are Added In The Manufacturing Process To Enhance Heat Resistance, Toughness, Ductility, Etc., So Its Products Are Generally Not Stored In Food And Drugs. In Addition, The Degradation Of Pvc Label Material Is Poor, Which Harms Environmental Protection.

The Common Application Of Pvc Label Printing

Pvc Has Excellent Inking Performance And Can Be Made Into A Variety Of Colors, A Wide Range Of Applications. It Is Suitable For Labels With High-Performance Requirements Such As Resistance To Water, Oil, And Chemicals, And Because Of Its Flexible Properties, It Is Commonly Used In Toilet Supplies, Cosmetics, Electrical Products And Jewelry, Jewelry, Watches, Electronics, Metal, And Other High-grade Occasions.

In Addition, Pvc Shrink Film Adhesive Label Is Suitable For Battery Trademark Special Label.

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