What are plastic and rubber?

One component is different; The main component of plastics is a polymer synthetic resin that is polymer, and then infiltrated into a variety of auxiliary materials or additives. And rubber is extracted from rubber trees, rubber grass, and other plants latex, processing made of elastic, insulating, impervious to water and air materials. The two characteristics are different; Plastic is glass at room temperature, its molecular chain is frozen, and its energy is low. At room temperature, rubber is in a highly elastic state with high energy. The movement of the chain segment is excited and the conformation can be changed through the internal rotation of a single bond. Plastic is hard, and rubber is soft.

What are plastic and rubber?


Is made of polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main component, into various auxiliary materials or additives, at a specific temperature, and pressure; A material that has plasticity and fluidity, can be molded into a certain shape and retains its shape under certain conditions. In the manufacturing process is a molten liquid, so it can be heated to melt, pressure to flow, cooled to solidify, and form a variety of shapes, this large and varied group of materials is called plastics.


is the extraction of rubber trees, rubber grass, and other plants’ latex, processing made of elastic, insulation, and impervious to water and air materials. A high elastic polymer compound. Divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber two kinds. Natural rubber is made from gum extracted from rubber trees, rubber grass, and other plants. Synthetic rubber is obtained by the polymerization of various monomers. Rubber products are widely used in all aspects of industry or life.

The construction method of the plastic runway and rubber runway

  1. Usually, the rubber runway is paved directly to the field before the coil tube, and the ground requires high smoothness. The plastic runway needs to be proportion-based and transported to the site for construction. The ground level is not high.
  2. Service life. If there are no special circumstances, the normal service life of the rubber track is more than 10 years. After more than 4 years of use, the stripes remain basically the same, with no particles, and no breakage. The plastic track has been in normal use for 3 years. In use, EPDM rubber particles are easy to appear on the anti-skid surface, such as shedding, breaking, and wear, especially in the beginning section and the first road, and the wear is serious. However, if regular maintenance and maintenance, the service life will be more than 3 years.

3, safety and environmental protection. After the service life of the rubber track, it can be recycled to make recycled rubber, which greatly reduces the harm to the environment and the waste of energy. Plastic racetracks are difficult to dispose of at the end of their service life, and material that has been scraped away cannot be recycled. Both incineration and landfill waste a lot of energy.

First, the difference between rubber and plastic

(1) Different in nature

1, rubber: refers to the reversible deformation of high elastic polymer materials.

  1. Plastic: refers to the plastic (flexible) material formed by processing, or the rigid material formed by curing crosslinking.

(2) Different composition

1, rubber: is made of latex, latex contains a part of the non-rubber components in the solid natural rubber. In general, natural rubber contains 92-95% rubber hydrocarbon, and non-rubber hydrocarbon accounts for 5%-8%. Because of different manufacturing methods, different places of origin, and different seasons, the proportion of these ingredients may be different, but basically within the scope.

What are plastic materials?

2, plastic: with high molecular weight synthetic resin as the main component, add appropriate additives, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, flame retardant, lubricant, colorant, etc.

(3) Different uses

  1. Rubber: It not only provides light industrial rubber products indispensable to daily life and medical use but also provides various rubber production equipment or rubber parts to heavy industry and emerging industries such as mining, transportation, construction, machinery, and electronics.

2, plastic: the piece is widely used in every field of life today, such as household appliances, instruments, wires and cables, building equipment, communication electronics, the automotive industry, aerospace, daily hardware, and so on

Two, what are the plastic materials?

There are many types of plastic materials, commonly used plastic materials are plastic floors, plastic runways, and so on. Plastic materials are solid materials obtained by processing plastic forming or crosslinking curing forming after adding additives at a certain temperature and pressure. Because most polymers have good insulating properties, they are widely used as insulation materials. Plastics are classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting according to their thermal behavior.

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