Production Technology Of Pvc Rubber Patch

  1. Open the mold, make the corresponding effect drawing according to the requirements, use the computer engraving, open the corresponding mold.
  2. Color adjustment, according to the requirements of the pattern, namely blending PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer, color paste, to achieve the required color and hardness.
  3. Make the goods, according to the drawing in the corresponding position of the mold with Drop molding machine injection of raw materials, layers on the test table after high temperature (180-200 degrees Celsius) to solidified liquid materials, according to the product situation generally to decide the number of baking, each time on the wet towel cool the mold cooling. Until finally the sample is taken out.
  4. quality maintenance edge, each product should be free of bubbles, no trachoma, no mixed color, overall clean, rough edge trimming carefully to meet the standard.
  5. Install accessories according to customer’s product requirements and complete the packing before packing.
  6. Box and deliver the goods according to the specified requirements and weight.

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