The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rubber Patches

rubber patch

Advantages and Features

Plastic Seals Have A Certain Toughness, Strong Corrosion Resistance, Slow Aging, In The Process Of Use With The Aging Process Of The Material, The Printing Surface Size Has A Slow Trace Increase, But It Remains Stable After Increasing To A Certain Extent, The Size Of The Seal Area Of Different Periods Of Sealing Is Not Obvious Change, Generally Not Easy To Attract The Attention Of The Relevant Personnel. Under The Same Conditions Of Seal Pressure And Seal Oil, The Main Feature Of Diachronal Change Of Rubber Seal And Plastic Seal Is The Detailed Change Caused By Local Aging, That Is, The Exposure Or Closing Of Imprint Knife Marks And The “flap” Formed By Engraving, Which Is Raised Or Dropped.

the Internal Structure Of Rubber Seal Is Uniform, No Water Absorption, And Its Aging Degree Is Between Atomic Seal And Plastic Seal, But Compared With Plastic And Horn Seal, It Is Easy To Age And Produce Changes In Seal Size. At The Same Time Because The Rubber Is Soft, Elastic Is Bigger, Sealed Pressure And Lining Soft Hard Seal On Them Affect The Morphology, Diameter Is Bigger Also, So We Should Pay Attention To Distinguish The Material Aging Caused By Irreversible Changes With The Pressure Seal Size Size, Lining Caused By The Hard And Soft Seal To Distinguish Reversible Changes Of Morphology, Diameter

rubber patch


The Elasticity And Hardness Of Plastic Seals Are Between Rubber, Atomic Seals And Ox Horn And Glass Seals. The Texture Is Soft, But Also Has A Certain Elasticity. It Is Not Only Easy To Wear, But Also Easy To Knock Off, That Is, It Covers The Diachronic Printing, Wear And Knock Characteristics Are Reflected More Fully, Not Only Can See The Text Lines Gradually Become Thick, Gradually Blunt Corners, But Also Can See The Text Lines Depression, Defect Such Knock Phenomenon. Because The Material Has The Characteristics Of Thermal Expansion And Cold Contraction, It Is Easy To Produce Errors, And It Is Not Suitable For Bank Seal

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