What Is A Pvc Rubber Lebels

First of all, let’s have an understanding of PVC first. Even if PVC is polyvinyl chloride, the English name is Polyvinyl Chloride. The main component is polyvinyl chloride, which is mainly divided into two types: soft and hard. Its characteristics are: good tensile strength, good water resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance,

Second, let’s get to know the next rubber stamp. Also known as plastic drop stamp, or PVC plastic stamp, through the process of carving, high temperature setting, etc., using the drop plastic process, drop the liquid material into the mold, after a period of heating, baking, cooling, and finally poured into the mold. plastic product. The product features are flexible and changeable in expression, full of three-dimensional sense, good plastic stamps will not break, will not discolor, no stickiness, smooth edges, clear surface content, and will not deform or soften even in high temperature areas.

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